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Architecture, Thought and Time

Updated: Mar 16

Philosophy and Wonder

The causal relationship between thought and time is the materium (architecture) that governs nature.

With the currents of gravity that penetrate and pull to a singular point, the idea of both thought and time coalescing into a distinct energy signature of reality becomes ever more revealed as time approaches zero.

The mind has a dualistic abundance of both dynamic and static thought, which flows into a stream of an interconnected river of time, then into nature, or, to outside of time into a realm of permanence.

Much like the rivers connecting vast oceans, time is a river whose journey is the connectedness of thought.

From the beginning, amongst the stars, the principal effort was to understand the nature of time, and to find the relationship between time and timelessness. However, thought is a ship sailing through the stars and is the precursor, the spark of life.

Essentially, being of matter, it all begins from an original source of time in space. Yet thought is an astral projection traveling though the cosmos. This astral being is a traveler, a seeker that explores infinity, wandering the galaxy to distant places where dreams reside.

View of spatial gravity waves
Gravity Waves, Time and Energy

Spinning in the cycle of the universe, time with its billions of stars, forms a system that is beyond the scope of the observant timekeeper, while thought is an ever so singular base layer.

Time, weaving in and out in the manner of waves, is the cosmos, dimensional in its essential nature. Pulsating and regulating both creation, and destruction for both, time, and motion.

Furthermore, this mystery, this abyss of thought and time is the composer of matter as it governs the wonders of nature and is the keeper of the infinite wealth of knowledge that is forever permanence.


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