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Architecture rendering of Smart Building - Cloud Machine

What are Smart Buildings?

OpDes Architecture specializes in designing Smart Buildings /for/ Smart Cities. Smart Buildings are the newest building type to come into existence since the last industrial revolution.  The 21st century's industrial revolution has arrived, with an emphasis on a decentralized world, our Smart Buildings are bringing a better way of living to people and cities around the globe.

Drone Camera


Smart Budlings are integrated with robotics to enhance the automation of building systems and user accommodation.

Interior rendering of smart building - Bird Feather

Energy Independent

Smart buildings operate independently of external energy grids and facilitate the integration of sustainable energy systems.

Abstract Background

Artificial Intelligence

Smart Buildings use Artificial Intelligence that process data for all primary, secondary, and individualized systems. 


Food Cultivation

Smart Buildings use Aeroponics for growing plants in an atmospheric environment that supplies nutrients in lieu of soil.  Smart Buildings use these systems that reduce the demand of water by up to 98-percent.

Water Purifier & Glass

Clean Water Capture

Smart Buildings source rain and ground water through water collection systems for human usage and building operations. 

Architecture rendering of Smart Building - Solar Heron


Smart Buildings can be configured based on the needs of the occupant, from growing families to tele-working, these buildings adapt to scale and changing economies.


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