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"Nature Has No Limits"

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Historically, the greatness of a civilization has been measured by the quality of its buildings. However, 30% of America’s energy is consumed by poorly designed buildings that are supported by a dilapidated and obsolete infrastructure. An infrastructure not capable of providing sustainable energy sources to high population centers. Fundamentally, this approach to planning and designing buildings needs to change through the creation of an entirely new methodology of Architecture. Moreover, this new methodology is derived from a philosophical system called OpDez (pronounced op-dez) which has been derived from “Optimized Design.”

OpDez Architecture is a revolutionary new, yet ancient theory of architecture. This belief is the bedrock of our practice wherein architecture must incorporate the "living" systems of nature to keep pace with a rapidly changing technological world. Its basis is a new design methodology that returns to the wisdoms of antiquity, where buildings worked in symphonic harmony with nature, where architecture was the paragon of technological achievement and buildings were the icons of enlightenment.

Taking cues from nature and the ancient wisdoms of antiquity, OpDez combines the best of both the worlds - natural environment and ancient mysticism. The result is the creation of buildings that impart benefit and energy independence to civilization. Ultimately, OpDez is not only about the creation of Energy Independent Buildings; it is also about improving the quality of life and civilization itself. Utilizing many branches of science from naval architecture, chemistry, physics and ocean engineering - OpDez Architecture is a methodology derived from the cosmos.  Its basic premise is that of an acknowledgement and understanding of what truly exists is beyond what we can see.

OpDez Architecture believes buildings should be “Engineered by the Forces of Nature.” Not surprisingly, the main consideration here is how buildings can serve man and civilization from a sustainable perspective. To do so, it must be able to serve not just our basic needs, but also help us survive within the dynamic world that we live in. Our systems are more than a vision of energy independent buildings; they are the manifestation of a new enlightened era. OpDez is a new process of planning and design where this new methodology includes a mix of active, passive systems and new technologies to augment the performance and survivability of our systems. This new model of design intersperses many facets from various industries into its planning, design and manufacturing so as to achieve synergy for the benefit of an enlightened era of architecture.

OpDez is derived from a process of deep analysis into the systems of nature.  It seeks to understand the purpose behind patterns in nature that persist at the periphery of our comprehension.  As a fluidic science, it exists at the intersection between chemistry and physics. 


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