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Using the most advanced systems to create high quality renderings enables us to bring our vision of 21st century architecture to life.  This technology is process driven to provide economical design decisions with our dedicated around the clock rendering teams.

Our professional 3D computer graphics process enables 3D animations, models, and virtual realities to be created.


With modeling capabilities and customized flexible plugin systems and hardware platforms, OpDes Architecture visualization studios create dynamic engineering design simulations, particle systems, radiosity, map creation and renderings using geographical global illumination on our own scripting language.

We primarily use 3ds Max® professional 3D modeling, rendering, and animation software which enables us to create expansive worlds and premium designs which:

  • Customized material choices, textures, and furniture systems.

  • Breathe life into your environments and landscapes with robust modeling tools.

  • Create finely detailed designs and props with intuitive texturing and shading tools.

Seashell section golden ratio


Interior Rendering of award winning smart building - Cloud Machine

The interior of Cloud Machine (RPWS-I) to express the feeling of both lightness and tension.  Using materials and the use of voids in a central space the feeling of lightness is created by a primary extraction of the floor plate that accentuates the experience of solid and void.  This is done by creating an oval cut out from the floors 2 thru 5.  The second floors act as a mezzanine that allows the occupants to view down into the administrative and commercial spaces.  However, the spaces on the first floor are zoned using curtain walls that maintain the penetration of light into its central spaces. 

The other key feature of this design using steel and its characteristics is the use of a floating pad system.  These pads are stepping off points that arise within the central void but are both fixed structurally to the floor system with primary tension members connected to the exoskeleton.  As transitional spaces of suspension, the floating pads are also meant to delineate between the primary floor plate and a secondary unmerged extraction.

Altogether, the entire design is driven by the expression of both positive and negative systems that are meant to facilitate the experience of a dynamic space.  Using extractions, voids and volumes, the interior penetrations of matter are meant to foster a stimulation of the consciousness sought after in an institution of learning and teaching.  From the use of non-conventional systems and forms, this building is meant to foster various innovations for its architectural design.

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